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I want to be a solo mother

If you want to be a mother and have no male partner you still can access medically assisted procreation techniques. The Portuguese Law allows women who wish to be mothers but do not have a male partner to use these techniques to fulfil their desire of having a family

The process begins with a Fertility consultation at Ferticentro, where you will do some preliminary tests that will help us determine your ovarian reserve, as well as evaluate the viability of a health pregnancy taking into account all associated risk factors.
If you live abroad or outside the region of Coimbra, this process can be undertaken by your own specialist medical advisor.

Based on this assessment, we can verify which technique is appropriate for you:

- Intrauterine Insemination with donor sperm [know more]

- In vitro fertilisation with own oocytes and donor sperm [know more]

- In vitro fertilisation with donation of oocytes and donor sperm [know more]


If you are trying to conceive and would like to have more information about the treatments made at Ferticentro, send us a query.

I want to be a solo mother
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About the donors:

Portuguese law provides that gametes (spermatozoa and oocytes) are provided by altruistic volunteers. Before being admitted as donors to Ferticentro, donor candidates are subject to a rigorous process of evaluation of their health and fertility; those who carry a genetic disease or have a familial predisposition of any such problem are excluded.
Ferticentro has a sperm bank and a bank of oocytes of its own, in which there are hundreds of samples of donors of all ethnic origins, so that it is possible to assign a donor with physical characteristics as close as possible to those of the couple or receiving woman.
At Ferticentro we also work in a network with banks of international gametes, which we liaise with in situations of couples or women with less frequent physical characteristics than those found in the Portuguese population.

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