Innovation centered on compassion

Innovation and care

Ferticentro is renowned for its innovation and care. As pioneers of the latest reproductive technologies in Portugal, our skilled and compassionate team can maximise your chances of a successful pregnancy, even if your case is particularly complex.

Patient care values

Precision tailored

Our medical team designs highly individualised fertility plans based on your unique needs and circumstances.

Quality and safety

For 15 years, we have been ISO 9001 certified, underscoring our unwavering dedication to quality and safety of care.


We prioritise transparency by providing clear, upfront pricing, and ensuring our patients have access to detailed donor profiles.

Ethical donations

We follow strict guidelines, prioritise donor well-being and the rights of children born from donations.

Patient-first approach

We ensure that every step in your fertility journey is taken with respect, care, and personalised attention.

What we do

Best-in-class fertility technology

Ferticentro stands at the forefront of fertility technology in Portugal, pioneering innovations that have reshaped the field. Our commitment to your success is evident in these key aspects:


  • We introduced the EmbryoScope and automated witnessing systems in Portugal, setting new standards for precision.
  • We were the first in Portugal to use AI technology-driven algorithms for embryo selection.
  • All these groundbreaking technologies are integrated into each and every treatment, so every patient benefits without additional charges.

Our clinic

About our clinic

Ferticentro provides state-of-the-art facilities in a purpose-built 1000-square-metre space with cutting-edge laboratories. We prioritise your comfort, offering a homely environment alongside top-notch medical care. Our extensive international department is proficient in multiple languages, ensuring we provide effective support for global patients.