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Embrace Portugal’s progressive IVF legislation for equal parental rights in cases of lesbian same-sex couples conceiving with assisted reproductive techniques. Regardless of the source of eggs or who carries the pregnancy, both partners enjoy identical legal rights over their children.

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How much do treatments cost?

Treatment costs depend on factors such as the treatment type (e.g., standard IVF, preimplantation genetic testing), necessary medication, cycle frequency, and any supplementary procedures like egg, sperm or embryo freezing, testicular biopsy, etc. Detailed pricing information for specific treatments can be found on our pricing page. Rest assured, our fertility specialists will assess your unique situation, recommend the most suitable treatment, and provide you with a comprehensive, transparent cost estimate before starting treatment.

How many cycles will it take to get pregnant?

The number of treatment cycles needed to achieve pregnancy varies widely among individuals and couples. It depends on many factors, including the woman’s age, underlying causes, how a person responds to treatment, the quality of embryos, lifestyle factors, and sperm quality. While some individuals achieve pregnancy after one cycle, others may need two or more cycles to succeed. It’s important to discuss your specific situation with our fertility specialists, who will provide personalised guidance.

How long does a treatment cycle last?

The duration of your treatment varies depending on the specific procedure. As we’re mimicking a physiological cycle, we can expect treatments to last the same as a normal cycle – but of course there are situations where treatments can’t start immediately, as other medical procedures might be required beforehand. Your fertility specialist will provide a thorough explanation of each treatment’s timeline. You can also read the individual treatment pages to get an idea of how long specific treatments take. It’s important to note that treatments have minimal impact on your daily life, with just a few required appointments. Procedures such as insemination, egg retrieval, or embryo transfer result in same-day discharge.

Are IVF treatments painful?

IVF is usually painless. While self-administered injections may cause mild discomfort, egg retrieval is conducted under anaesthesia, and patients are discharged on the same day. Embryo transfers are commonly described as similar to the feeling of a pap smear. As with all medical procedures, IVF treatments can also have side effects. These are usually mild, but in some rare cases (less than 1% of all cases), they can be serious and lead to hospitalisation (infection, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, etc.). Talk to your fertility specialist about any concerns or worries you may have about your treatment.

What side effects can I expect from IVF medication?

The effects of IVF medication vary from person to person and depend on the specific treatment used. Common side effects include bloating, mood swings, hot flashes, breast tenderness, headaches and nausea, and in rare cases, ovarian hyperstimulation. These side effects are temporary and usually resolve after you have complete treatment. Our doctors will monitor your progress and adjust the medication regimen as needed to minimise side effects while maximising the chances of a successful IVF cycle.

What are the benefits of an open-ID egg and sperm bank?

At Ferticentro we offer the largest open ID egg and sperm bank in Portugal, with comprehensive donor profiles to help you make informed decisions. In Portugal, all persons born from donations have the right of access to the identity of their donor once they turn 18. Getting to know one’s genetic heritage was considered to be a fundamental human right by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and is something that can be extremely important in the formation of an individual’s personality and identity. Having an open-ID donor gives your child the right to access to a part of their ancestry, should they wish to do so.

Is there a waiting list to get an appointment?

At Ferticentro, we offer immediate access without waiting lists. Schedule an initial consultation with our doctors to discuss your reproductive health and history. They will provide comprehensive insights into your available treatment options. When you’re ready to proceed, you can start your treatment as soon as we have the medical conditions to do so.