Our Donor Bank

Ferticentro houses Portugal’s largest open-ID donor bank, offering a diverse selection of donors covering a wide array of ethnic backgrounds.

Commitment to Quality

Quality is at the heart of our donor program. We meticulously oversee every aspect of the selection process, conducting comprehensive screenings for genetic and infectious diseases, along with psychological evaluations to confirm donor suitability. This commitment ensures safety and maximises the chances of successful treatment outcomes.

About non-anonymous donations

What is Open-ID donation?

Open-ID donation, also known as non-anonymous donation, gives donor-conceived children the opportunity to know and potentially connect with the donor, should they wish to do so. This also provides them with easier access to health information from the donor, as open-ID donors are typically more open and available for follow up contacts. Open-ID donation also gives people the choice to understand their genetic heritage in a controlled, safe and well-counselled way.

What you can expect

Extensive donor profiles

Get a comprehensive overview of your donor with information on basic physical and personality traits, education, hobbies and aspirations.

Your child’s privacy is privileged and protected

Donors cannot reach out to your child and have no legal claims or rights over them.

Clarity and accountability

Every donation is ethically sourced and we know exactly how many donations each donor has made. In Portugal, unlike less regulated countries, the number of donations per donor is strictly controlled by the State in real time.


Donor counselling

We ensure our donors are well-equipped to deal with the possibility of being contacted by children born from their donation.

Genetic compatibility testing / genetic matching

We can test if the patient and donor share gene mutations, preventing genetic disorders in children born from donation (up to 2200 genes).

Expert assistance

Our dedicated donor coordinators will help you navigate our extensive database to discover your ideal donor. 

How to select your donor

Medical Consultation

In your initial consultation, your doctor will determine if donor involvement is advisable as part of your treatment plan.

Consultation with our Donation Coordination Team

Our Donation Team will work with you to explain your options, understand what donor characteristics matter most to you, and help you find your ideal donor.

Donor Proposal

Our Donation team will send you a donor profile that best fits your expressed preferences. This proposed donor will be reserved especially for you for a period of three working days from the date of receipt of these profiles.

Donor Confirmation

Once you have given your final confirmation to our Donation Team (within the 3 days window), your donor will be fully secured and we can start your treatment. If you aren’t happy with the donor, don’t worry, we will work with you to find your perfect match.

Become a donor

Your donation of eggs or sperm has the power to transform another family’s dreams into reality, offering hope where it once seemed impossible. Find out more here.

Speak with our Patient Care Team

Our English speaking Patient Care Team are on hand to answer all of your questions about our donor bank.