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Who we are

Distinguished fertility centre

Ferticentro stands as a distinguished fertility centre, boasting more than two decades of expertise. We pride ourselves on integrating the latest technological advancements with Portugal’s largest open-ID sperm and egg bank, offering transparent donor profiles for our clients’ peace of mind. Our committed collective of over 50 seasoned professionals dedicates itself to assisting individuals from across the globe in achieving their dreams of parenthood.

Our Clinic

Our Quality Policy

The service provided by Ferticentro aims to contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of infertility, approaching the disease in a multidisciplinary and integrated way, in all its dimensions. In this way, Ferticentro seeks to ensure the provision of all care related directly and indirectly to the treatment of infertility, in a fully comprehensive manner and in collaboration with other entities and professionals.

Aware of the importance of its services, Ferticentro always strives to maximise user satisfaction, achieve continuous improvement of the Quality Management System and comply with applicable regulations and legislation, always with the aim of optimising the chances of success of all the medical care provided.

Ferticentro’s management has defined the following general principles for the clinic’s activity:

  • To work with the highest possible success rates, giving all patients a real chance of starting a family.
  • To act with all the humanism, sensitivity and responsibility that infertility treatment requires.
  • To find mechanisms to extend access to the services provided by Ferticentro to as many people as possible, without any discrimination based on gender, ethnicity or lifestyle choice, within the limits of the applicable legislation.
  • To achieve excellent levels of patient and gamete donor satisfaction and to control and measure these aspects continuously and as rigorously as possible.
  • To optimise the care and attention given to clients, particularly the provision of information, accompaniment and comfort before, during and after the treatment process.
  • To train and equip Ferticentro with the best and most qualified human resources in order to ensure the provision of an excellent service.
  • To make Ferticentro a pleasant place to work where employees can feel happy and professionally fulfilled.
  • To demand high levels of quality, rigour and professionalism from suppliers and partners in the performance of their activities.
  • To collaborate with scientific and academic institutions in carrying out projects to develop medical and technological knowledge in the area of Assisted Reproductive Medicine.

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