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Treatment with donor embryos

Treatment with donor embryos
In situations where for medical reasons it is not possible to use the patient’s own sperm and oocytes (whether they’re not produced, don’t have enough quality to be used in treatment or there’s a risk of transmitting certain infectious or genetic diseases, among other situations), a treatment with donor embryos may be considered.

In these circumstances the complete donation process is done in a totally confidential way, as defined by the Portuguese law on Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). Likewise, with every other ART treatment undertaken at Ferticentro, donation cycles are performed according to the best quality standards and security rules, as defined by the legal requirements issued and inspected by the CNPMA (National Council for Assisted Reproductive Technologies, the Portuguese authority on ART), international guidelines, recommendations for good medical practice and the European Directive on Tissues and Cells (which defines standard requirements for the infectious screening carried out before any treatment or investigation involving the collection, processing or storage of human tissues).

Donor embryos

In Portugal the ART law states that one of the possible destinations for frozen surplus embryos is the donation to other patients going through an ART treatment.

These embryos are obtained from regular IVF or ICSI cycles of patients have decided not to retain them for themselves (for example, because they do not want to have more children). In these circumstances, the donating patients have to sign an informed consent form (provided by the national ART authority) giving up their rights over the embryos.  The donation excludes any kind of monetary compensation, in order to make it a purely altruistic act. The receptor couple only have to pay for the medical expenses related to the freezing and thawing of the embryos, and there is no payment directly related to the embryos.

The number of donated embryos available is typically low and depends on other patients’ willingness to donate.

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