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1st Clinic with Embryoscope® - Video Time-lapse Technology in Portugal

At Ferticentro we want the best for our couples and we do everything to help them conceive. It is this aim that drives us every day, always endeavouring to reduce error rates and minimise factors that can cause a treatment to be unsuccessful.

In the treatment of infertility we are constantly reducing the likelihood of failure. We know that sometimes a small detail can make all the difference for an individual embryo. And this "small" difference is certainly anything but small for that couple, who would have put so much physical, emotional and financial commitment into the struggle for the pregnancy process and their right to have children.

If a couple cannot produce genetically viable eggs and sperm there is nothing assisted reproduction laboratories can do. However, our processes are designed to minimise adverse factors, giving embryos every possible chance to establish themselves.

And this is why Ferticentro became a pioneer in the use of Embryoscope: a last generation incubator, designed to optimise the conditions for embryo development, while enabling continuous observation and evaluation of fertilised embryos, 24/7.

How it works

  • how


    Soon after fertilisation, the embryos are placed inside the Embryoscope® and are subsequently monitored continuously (9 image planes obtained every 15 minutes), without external manipulation.


    The images are then compiled using specialised software that creates a sequence of these photographs and thereby yields a film of the embryonic development.


    With this film we can, for the first time in fertility studies, record all detailed and objective information of each embryo.


    With Embryoscope® we have learned things about embryonic development every day, several of which were unimaginable just a few years ago.


    This information is used by embryologists to select embryos with the highest probability of generating a pregnancy, by applying previously validated algorithms and identifying embryos with the highest implantation potential.


    At the end of the process, the couple receives a report with the video of the complete embryonic evolution. All going well, these will turn out to be the first pictures of their baby.

Who is the Embryoscope® Video Time-lapse treatment intended for?

  • Couples of all ages, regardless of the infertility factor. Here are some examples:

    • In cases of poor prognosis or in which there are few embryos, the Embryoscope® helps to optimise the environmental conditions (which in these cases can make all the difference) and helps us concentrate on the potential of those embryos that show a positive evolution;
    • Can also be used to obtain more information on the embryos, as in situations of repeated implantation failure, advanced maternal age or history of recurrent abortions, it helps to find an explanation for previous failures;
    • The Embryoscope® makes it possible to make the most of existing embryos. In other words, if an embryo, though fragile, has even a very small chance of survival, our Embryoscope® gives us the best odds of survival;
    • In cases of good prognosis, couples with many good quality embryos will also hugely benefit from using Embryoscope®. With this system we can rigorously identify the embryos most likely to implant;, It enables us to select the best of the best as well as which ones are able to be frozen and used in a later treatment.

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