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Donors cell bank

Ferticentro donor cell bank

  • Who are the donors?

    Before being admitted in to Ferticentro's donor program, donor candidates are subject to a rigorous process of evaluation of their health and fertility, excluding those who are carriers of genetic diseases or family history of this type of problems.

    Ferticentro has a sperm bank and a bank of oocytes of its own, in which there are hundreds of samples of donors of all ethnic origins, so that it is possible to assign a donor with physical characteristics as close as possible to those of the couple or receiving woman.

    At Ferticentro we also work in a network with banks of international gametes, which we resort to in situations of couples or women with less frequent physical characteristics in the Portuguese population.

    If you are thinking of going ahead for donor treatment please contact Ferticentro's services so that we can make an initial assessment of your case and give you an initial perspective on the possibilities of treatment that are involved, as well as the potential costs associated with the entire process. You can write us to or simply fill out our contact form.

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