Ferticentro was founded in Coimbra, Portugal, as an innovative clinic that combines technical and scientific approaches to clinical procedures performed, with privacy and a warm bedside manner.
Ferticentro has a highly qualified team of professionals, some of whom have been working in Medically Assisted Procreation since this area of medicine started being practiced in Portugal. Since its inception, Ferticentro has helped more than a thousand couples in conceiving.
In 2005, Ferticentro established a partnership agreement with the GDPN, one of the largest laboratories in Portugal, making genetic testing available to our customers, including a broad range of related tests and analyses, all of which are performed under the most rigorous and advanced technical processes and equipments.
In 2008 Ferticentro launched a financing package to support infertility treatments performed in our clinic; it covers 100% of costs which can be repaid up to 48 months, with an APR of 12.5% .

In December 2008 Ferticentro was part of the first batch of specialised Assisted Reproductive Technology clinics to be formally licensed in Portugal.

In February 2009 Ferticentro started cryopreserving oocytes; a key technique in fertility preservation treatments.

In March 2009 Ferticentro launched an innovative packaging of its offering; aiming at reducing the risk of price fluctuation due to medication, our treatment package has since then included all costs of medication, regardless of what these may be.

In the same year Ferticentro established an agreement with the Portuguese National Health Service as a preferred supplier for tackling waiting lists for Assisted Reproductive treatments.

The Quality of our services was formally recognised in October 2009 when we achieved Quality Certification NP EN ISO 9001:2008, one of the very few certified clinics in Iberia at the time.

In January 2010 Ferticentro began its oocyte donor program. Over the years Ferticentro had already done hundreds of treatments with donated oocytes and embryos, in collaboration with other national and foreign clinics. However, from January 2010 we managed the entire process, from the recruitment and selection of donors to the preparation and transfer of embryos to the recipient couple. . This enables us to achieve greater coordination throughout the process, greater efficiency in selecting the most suitable donor for each couple and greater comfort for receiving couples. Additionally, it enables us to achieve savings, which we pass on to our clients.

After the success of these early years, Ferticentro will continue its commitment to innovation, and further quality improvement of our services.

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